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Dental school software automates the entire practice management of dental college right from the patient arrival till they leave the college . A practice management software for college which connects patients, students and supervisors seamlessly.

Dental school software dental practice management software

Faster patient record movement

Powered with faster Check-in system ensures no physical patient record movement.

Provides accurate and up-to-date information

Uses a central database to get the updated and accurate information to all users

Reduces cost and increase revenue

Reduction in administrative and operative costs. Powerful reports to save time and money

Increased patient visits and less No show

Inbuilt marketing techniques, Automated SMS / E-mail reminders etc, Re-call system etc.

No missing or unhygienic paper records

Being the records in digital format, there is no chance of missing or unhygienic records.

Better productivity and efficiency

Bridge between different level of users to ensure high productivity and efficiency

Better patient care with less manual errors

Faster treatment entries, less waiting time, reminders, more time for patient care.

More space

Pilling of patient paper dental records is always a concern for dental colleges. Not any more..


A system that powered with HIPAA, SSL, user based roles and privileges.

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Covering all departments Specialties

Dentzoft has specialized section for each of specialties.

Oral Medicine & Radiology

TMJ, Muscles of mastication, Labial mucosa, Dental chart... with option to create provisional treatment plan

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Different Histories, General examination, Extra oral and Intra oral examination, Dental chart...


Previous history, Dentures, Extra oral examination, intra oral examination, Tongue, Dental chart..


Perio charting, Histories, Habits, Hard tissue Examination, Mucogingival problems, Investigations...


Subjective evaluation, Pulp vitality test, Radiographic interpretation, Dental chart..


Orthodontic survey, Ortho stage, Ortho visits, Treatment plan, Payment schedule,..


Family history, Social/Behavioral History, Personal History, Habits, Diet, Examinations


Section to manage the student grade, patient transfer, Treatment and Plan approvals...

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